Identifying trends in artificial intelligence and edge-computing security

Identifying trends in artificial intelligence and edge-computing security

About the Client:

The Client was a leading producer of programmable logic devices that wanted to learn about emerging techs and trends regarding hardware-rooted security standards and artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML) technologies in order to expand their product application into low-power edge computing for mobile devices and IoT sensors. 


The goals of this engagement were to:

  1. Focus on state-of-the-art hardware-rooted security technologies 
  2. Present differentiators among emerging technologies
  3. Cover strategic information (technology trends) and operational information (acquisition targets)


PreScouter put together a team of Advanced Degree Researchers (ADRs) and recruited an IoT Subject Matter Expert (SME) who was a professor at Tampere University as the team leader. During the project, sequential research was performed that studied the hardware-rooted security standards and AI/ML technologies.

First, PreScouter landscaped AI/ML technology advances by looking at companies providing relevant products or services, startups, and research labs studying low-power edge applications as well as other potential applications. With information collected from publicly available resources, PreScouter and the Client culled the list for a deep-dive study.

PreScouter then switched gears toward studying sensor fusions applied in the IoT space for AI/ML. By identifying potential applications and landscaping the major players and possible competitors, PreScouter and the Client identified the most promising application and conducted an in-depth study of it.


PreScouter presented a total of 6 deliverables to the Client, including 4 that focused on AI/ML technology advances and 2 that focused on IoT hardware standards. For AI/ML technology advances, a total of 14 research groups, 19 companies, and 7 applications were identified and analyzed. For IoT hardware standards, 7 standards and 15 potential competitors were identified and analyzed. These results are summarized in the following diagram.

Impact of PreScouter’s work: 

PreScouter recommended to the Client a strategy for future application focuses, a potential acquisition target in the AI/ML market, and a strategy to comply with multiple standards in order to expand their product application.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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