Improving productivity in research and development

Improving productivity in research and development

About the Client:

The Client was interested in determining the best practices and most relevant metrics for assigning value to their research and development projects, with a particular interest in industrial life science and pharmaceutical R&D.  


In this Research Support Service Project, the Client was seeking insights and guidance on the measurement of R&D success for commercial opportunities, ideal company measurements for R&D program valuation, and which key performance indicators and metrics should be used.


Over the course of this project, PreScouter analyzed 34 models comprising 157 benchmark metrics for R&D success measurement. The team conducted secondary research through scientific publications reporting R&D success measurement systems.

PreScouter also conducted interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) working on implementing R&D measurement methods and Agile workflows in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, PreScouter profiled scientific publications reporting case studies on specific topics regarding hierarchical and work-focused cultures.


PreScouter identified annual evaluations of continuous and post-R&D metrics as being the most appropriate for determining R&D efficiency.

Further, the team’s SME interviews on Agile frameworks revealed that the success of an Agile implementation depends on the alignment of values from both the C-suite level and employees, with the creation of a comfortable environment allowing for experimentation and failures if it can occur early in the project.

Finally, PreScouter recommended the participation of an experienced external agent, particularly within the first steps of implementation.

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