Investigating the use of 5G and 6G for new product development in the automation sector

Investigating the use of 5G and 6G for new product development in the automation sector

About the Client:

As a global leader in applying automation and optimization processes, the Client was already well versed in standards such as twisted pair ethernet and 802.15.4. They came to PreScouter looking to learn more about how 5G and 6G might help them develop new products and services.


The challenge was to identify and provide an overview of state-of-art and disruptive technologies that could help answer the following questions:

  1. Can we use 5G or 6G to influence product direction in automation?
  2. Are there low-power options?
  3. What are the benefits of installing 5G technology today?
  4. Are there IoT devices embedding 5G technology?
  5. Are there battery powered 5G measurement devices?
  6. Is 5G a world-wide standard like 802.15.4?

PreScouter took an approach that allowed the team to answer all of the questions raised by the Client and was designed to highlight different aspects of interest in 5G/6G for automation.


PreScouter first looked into relevant state-of-the-art low-power and embedded 5G/6G hardware as well as determining roadblocks to commercialization.

Next, the team identified the key automation users installing 5G across different industries.

They then identified the key relevant energy storage options for embedded 5G/6G hardware.

In the final stage, they brought in a subject matter expert (SME) to validate their findings and to answer additional technical questions from the Client team. 


PreScouter presented the Client with four Intelligence Briefs in support of their efforts at new product development in the automation space.

Impact of PreScouter’s work:

PreScouter’s work led to several key recommendations for product development, including target applications for the Client to focus on, potential technology partners and suppliers, and a forecast of key developments and roadblocks in the sector that would inform the Client’s strategy moving forward.

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