Landscape of technologies and players in the field of CO2 direct air capture

Landscape of technologies and players in the field of CO2 direct air capture

About the Client:

The Client was a multinational power company.

To achieve the company’s goal of becoming carbon neutral in the next few years, the Client came to PreScouter for help learning about the technologies and players in the CO2 direct air capture (DAC) space.


The Client engaged PreScouter in this Research Support Service Project to assess the maturity, efficiency, and costs of the technologies being used or under research for CO2 DAC, along with the main global players in the field, in order to determine which technologies to invest in.


PreScouter first identified all the important players in the field of CO2 DAC, including major companies, startups, R&D centers, and universities. The team then prepared profiles for those institutions and performed anonymous outreach to the most promising options to get information that was not publicly available. Next, PreScouter prioritized and ranked all the vendors and technologies. Finally, the team engaged with a Subject Matter Expert who had been directly involved in analyzing these technologies for the last 10 years to validate the analysis.


PreScouter identified 15 institutions that were the most active and/or had the latest technology developments in this space and ranked these technologies according to their power consumption, efficiency, and cost. The maturity and business strength of each was also assessed. The resulting ranking figures gave the Client a clear picture of the CO2 direct air capture space.

Impact of PreScouter’s Work:

The recommendations and next steps presented by PreScouter helped the Client determine where they should place their resources.

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