Landscaping co-manufacturers to quickly launch a new keto-friendly product

Landscaping co-manufacturers to quickly launch a new keto-friendly product

About the Client:

The Client was a multinational food & beverage company that wanted to quickly release a new food product and was seeking a suitable manufacturer partner with formulation and development experience to launch this quick-cycle innovation.


The Client was looking for small- to medium-scale partners with capabilities and assets to make a keto-friendly toaster pastry. 

The challenge for the PreScouter team was to identify and profile co-manufacturers with the capabilities and/or unit modifications available to produce a toaster pastry.


The PreScouter team leveraged a stage-gated approach by first performing secondary research to identify manufacturers with publicly advertised capabilities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. After landscaping 40 potential manufacturers, the 20 best-fit groups were prioritized and the PreScouter Outreach Team interviewed them to confirm capabilities, technical criteria, and availability to manufacture the desired product.


PreScouter identified 4 groups that would be capable of manufacturing the product.

Impact of PreScouter’s Work:

At the Client’s request, the PreScouter team introduced them to the top 2 manufacturers identified.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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