Market analysis of molded fiber food packaging

Market analysis of molded fiber food packaging

About the client

The Client was a provider of fresh food packaging to customers in the North American deli, bakery, convenience, and food service sector. They wanted to evaluate market opportunities for molded fiber containers for fresh food, as they appeared to be a sustainable option that had recently stood up in the space.


PreScouter’s challenge in this Research Support Service Pilot was to develop a technology landscape and a market overview of molded fiber packaging for the foodservice sector, with a focus in the North American market.


PreScouter researched the molded fiber products market for fresh or prepared food, assessing its size, growth, and segmentation. The team  identified and profiled 32 key companies, detailing their business, product portfolios, technical specifications, end-use applications, pricing, partnerships, investments, and claims like compostability.

Additionally, PreScouter analyzed key metrics from financial and sustainability reports, focusing on company growth, net sales in relevant product categories, and examined 332 products to determine popular product dimensions.


PreScouter presented the Client with the most up-to-date information about the primary players in the molded fiber food packaging market as well as key insights that were needed to enter into this new market.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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