Next-Gen Infection Control Technologies

Next-Gen Infection Control Technologies

The following is a case study report of the work that was carried out by PreScouter for a client  in the infection control technology sector.

About the client:

The Client was working within the technology sector of infection control and wanted to develop a new product within two to three years. Unlike some larger clients, the Client was a medium-sized company that had to maintain a strong competitive advantage over similar product lines within their space.


The Client approached PreScouter to understand the technology landscape of next generation infection control techniques. Tight constraints were placed in the statement of work, which required late-stage technologies that the Client could develop internally. PreScouter determined that the ideal solution would be technology that could be captured by intellectual property.


PreScouter segmented the workflow to identify two specific technology reports.

  1. The first report outlined emerging technology processes that would directly solve the end-goal. The processes were then refined, with the help of the Client’s input.
  2. In parallel, PreScouter ran the second report that identified technologies for infection control in adjacent spaces.

What PreScouter found:

The deliverables demonstrated substantial value for the Client.

The report that focused on emerging technology processes identified two companies. Although the number of curated leads was small, they were valuable to the Client. PreScouter reached out to attain interviews directly from both companies of interest, and the information was used to make an informed decision on partnership opportunities.

In the second report that focused on market-adjacent technologies, two patents, four research groups and nine companies were identified that directly met all the criteria from the statement of work. The Client found various adjacent technologies of interest and followed up with several of the technology providers.

Client’s feedback:

This was the first time the Client worked with PreScouter. They were very impressed with the speed and precision of the work carried out and PreScouter’s technology results. Knowing the high value of such work and the cost-effectiveness of our Research Support Service, they have become one of our many recurring clients.

If you have any questions or would like to know if we can help you with your innovation challenge, please contact our Medical lead, Jeremy Schmerer at

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