Ongoing identification of novel targets for development within oncology

Ongoing identification of novel targets for development within oncology

About the Client:

The Client is a pharmaceutical company focused on drug development for cancer. After an initial landscape of novel targets for ovarian and triple-negative breast cancer, the team retained PreScouter to continue the identification and assessment of potential targets over the course of three years. One of the primary objectives was to manage the due-diligence process of staying up-to-date with all the scientific studies and literature searches and help the Client’s discovery team remain proactive. The work continued until the company’s acquisition.


The challenge for PreScouter was to provide systematic target assessments on key targets of interest.


PreScouter completed over 48 Intelligence Briefs and provided comprehensive overviews of over 60 selected targets focused on the following areas: biological function, disease association, evidence for targeting, potential methods of targeting, intellectual property, and the competitive landscape. Additionally, PreScouter provided comprehensive landscapes on two broad areas and five target updates. Over 2,000 scientific publications were referenced and highlighted throughout the reports.


The Client would often have their internal team run the same target, but they found that PreScouter always found more insights than their internal team. As a result of the work, the Client found several open targets to pursue development opportunities. The PreScouter team was able to quickly provide intelligence on a target the Client learned about at a conference, accelerating the process. The work also allowed the Client to be more strategic in their planning and to avoid risk by having a better understanding of the competitive market.

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