Leveraging robotics for construction applications

Leveraging robotics for construction applications

About the client:

Having taken note of the recent surge in robotics technologies that build structures out of concrete blocks, the client, a major building materials supplier in North America, wanted to assess the impact of robotics technologies for construction applications on their business. 


In this research support service pilot, the client engaged PreScouter to shed light on companies providing technology around robotic construction, the penetration/adoption rate of these technologies, issues, and IP information.


PreScouter created a landscape of relevant companies, technologies, and potential partners leveraging robotics and automation technologies to build homes from concrete blocks. PreScouter also interviewed 4 subject matter experts, including 3 founders of some of the most innovative companies offering construction robotics technologies to identify targets and highlight key advancements in this space. For each identified target PreScouter highlighted:

  • Company size, key technology partners, and customers
  • Relevant IP owned by the organization
  • Description of the system and its key functionalities
  • Technology readiness level assessment of technology
  • Key differentiators


PreScouter created a forecast for the penetration rate of robotics technologies in the construction industry and highlighted new requirements for building materials. Potential partners were also presented to the client.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

If you have any questions or would like to know if we can help your business with its innovation challenges, please contact us here or email us at solutions@prescouter.com

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