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PreScouter’s Chemicals and Materials industry vertical encompases a wide diversity of subindustries, including speciality chemicals, agrochemicals, composite & nanomaterials and polymers. Central to the modern world economy, this industry provides solutions to areas such as additives, adhesives, sealants, coatings, pigments, bio-chemicals, insulation products, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, and many more. Major topics dominating this industry are around new products and applications, together with greater environmental awareness, and changes in consumer preferences. The rising demand for bio-based and renewable chemicals is transforming the industry rapidly.

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A new life for food waste Article
11 July 2019

A new life for food waste

Every year, about 1.3 billion tonnes of food goes off to waste. However, the good news is that industries are finding unique and innovative uses of food waste....

Smart Road Technologies Shaping the  Future of Transportation Sample Briefing
28 January 2019

Smart Road Technologies Shaping the Future of Transportation

Report Highlights: Key driving trends: Electrification Infrastructure Improvements Safety and Improved User Experience Renewable Energy Generation The different smart road technologies detailed: With large pushes toward electrification across...

How bio-inspired materials are revolutionizing industry White Paper
19 December 2017

How bio-inspired materials are revolutionizing industry

Nature serves as one of life’s most creative and innovative scientists, and can sometimes provide us with examples of highly optimized and efficient systems. In this whitepaper, we go over some examples of bio-inspired materials that span across a number of industries.


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