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Insights from PreScouter's experts to support decision makers and the public during the pandemic.

Water supply and treatment amid the pandemic

Currently, with the world facing the global pandemic situation of COVID-19, various organizations like KWR Watercycle Research Institute in the Netherlands and the US Environmental...



Client testimonial from Diamond Foods: Finding the perfect workplace testing solution

– In this video, Erin Clem of Diamond Foods tells us how Diamond Foods was impacted...

The Importance of Workplace Testing

– Businesses are struggling as they face challenges related to concerns about employees contracting COVID-19. The...
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Preventing Workplace Closures: How To Implement A Simple COVID-19 Workplace Testing Strategy Today

– Companies can ensure business continuity by keeping easy-to-use COVID-19 test kits on-site. For less than...

Novel medical devices for early detection of cardiovascular disease

– A multitude of diseases fall under the umbrella of cardiovascular disease (CVD), but most hospital...



Novel anti-inflammatory drugs: Viable strategies to end the dry spell

– Inflammation is the epitome of a double-edged sword. It swiftly defends the body from invading...
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How Investments in Third Wave AI Are Generating 5x Returns Today

– AI is killing a generation of businesses, while those making AI investments are seeing a...

Animal-free testing in drug and vaccine development: Benefits and incentives

– The global SARS-CoV2 pandemic is generating a powerful need for drug and vaccine development, and...
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Consumer Interest In Healthy Homes: Market Overview and Key Techs

– In this report, we highlight the current state of the healthy home market, the main...
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The Retail Landscape in 2020 & Beyond

– The retail sector has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which won’t be ending...
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Renewable Energies: The Place To Go

– COVID-19 has impacted all industries and renewable energy is no exception. The present document aims...

Home medical devices: Security and regulations

– Modern technology has brought about an evolution in medical devices, making them smaller, more accurate,...
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How COVID-19 Is Driving Innovation In The Food & Beverage Industry

– To date, there have been over 10 million confirmed cases and over 500,000 deaths due...



Pfizer and BioNTech Share Positive Early Data on Vaccine Candidate Against COVID-19

– Pfizer Inc. and┬áBioNTech SE have shared additional Phase 1 safety and immunogenicity data from their...

Early Findings from Fitbit COVID-19 Study Suggest Fitbit Devices Can Identify Signs of Disease at Its Earliest Stages

– Fitbit, a company that manufactures and markets health-tracking watches, announced that early results from their...

Regeneron and Roche Collaborate to Significantly Increase Global Supply Antibody Cocktail for COVID-19

– Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Roche announced that they are teaming up in the fight against...

GSK and Medicago announce collaboration to develop a novel adjuvanted COVID-19 candidate vaccine

– GSK and Medicago announced a collaboration to develop and evaluate a COVID-19 candidate vaccine combining...

Regeneron Announces Manufacturing and Supply Agreement for REGN-COV2 Anti-Viral Antibody Cocktail

– Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that, as part of Operation Warp Speed, the Biomedical Advanced Research...

Novavax Announces $1.6 Billion Funding from Operation Warp Speed

– Novavax, Inc. received 1.6 billion from Operation Warp Speed (OWS), a U.S. government program aiming...

INOVIO Announces Positive Phase 1 Data For COVID-19 Vaccine

– INOVIO, a biotech company announced positive interim clinical data of INO-4800, its vaccine candidate against...

FDA to Help Facilitate Timely Development of Safe, Effective COVID-19 Vaccines

– FDA issues guidelines to help facilitate the timely development of safe and effective vaccines to...

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