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The Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing sectors are currently experiencing several disruptive changes - ranging from technological advancements and revolutions (Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, just to name a few) to globalization and increased digitization of our modern world. Maintaining a competitive advantage through superior technology that can reduce costs and improve performance is critical to becoming or remaining a market leader.

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Innovations in thermal management systems for EVs Article
01 October 2019

Innovations in thermal management systems for EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly emerging as a central part of a future greener and more economical transportation ecosystem. The  benefits of EVs include emission-free driving, cheaper maintenance,...

Embedded Sensors for Manufacturing Sample Briefing
03 September 2019

Embedded Sensors for Manufacturing

How can embedded sensors be applied throughout the manufacturing supply chain? In this Intelligence Brief, PreScouter provides a high level overview of embedded sensors and the relevant market trends, with a focus on their use in manufacturing processes. We highlight the potential benefits of embedded sensors by providing 5 case studies and 5 potential academic partners that may facilitate an organization’s adoption of such technologies through developing/acquiring state-of-the-art technology.

Identifying “Unicorn” Investment Opportunities  in the Mobility Sector Case Study
22 October 2018

Identifying “Unicorn” Investment Opportunities in the Mobility Sector

About the client: The Client’s organization is a major insurance service provider in Europe. The challenge: A team from the Client’s Corporate Ventures group approached PreScouter looking to...


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