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PreScouter’s Food and Beverage industry covers food production, agriculture, beverages, alcohol, and tobacco. Key trends in this industry include the prioritization of value over low cost, the requirement for quick reactions to shifts in consumer priorities, increased demand for short-cut foods to fit into busy schedules and a focus on sustainability. Key challenges include maintaining supply for a growing population, rising food commodity prices, increasing scrutiny of ingredients and shifting regulatory guidelines.

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Plant-based diets can power athletes Article
07 May 2021

Plant-based diets can power athletes

A plant-based diet is often confused with a vegetarian or vegan diet; but in contrast to those, the plant-based diet can be characterized in the following ways: Focus...

Green Chemistry Alternatives For Common Chemicals Sample Briefing
19 May 2021

Green Chemistry Alternatives For Common Chemicals

Going from a fossil- to renewable-based world requires a major shift in the way we think about every aspect of life. Chemicals in this new world would need...

“Clean Label” Ingredients for Flavor Enhancement Case Study
13 December 2017

“Clean Label” Ingredients for Flavor Enhancement

The following is a case study of the work that was carried out by PreScouter for a Fortune 500 client in the food manufacturing industry. About the Client:...


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