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PreScouter's High Tech sector covers a wide range of industries, spanning Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Telecommunications. For these sectors, navigating the disruptive change enabled by new technologies (Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, just to name a few), increased globalization and digitization of our modern world is becoming increasingly complex. Maintaining a competitive advantage through superior technology that can reduce costs, improve performance, and enable new business models is critical to becoming or remaining a market leader. PreScouter and its global network of experts can help navigate this complex landscape - we understand the nature of these challenges, and strive to help our clients not only adapt to technological, market, and legislative pressures, but to embrace innovation and rise to the forefront of it.

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Securing the road ahead: The Auto industry’s response to car hacking Article
19 May 2023

Securing the road ahead: The Auto industry’s response to car hacking

Cars nowadays are equipped with automated software. This software enables drivers to enjoy smooth connectivity for functions like cruise control, engine timing, airbags, door locks, and advanced driver...

How ChatGPT Works Sample Briefing
19 April 2023

How ChatGPT Works

ChatGPT is an LLM built on the Transformer architecture, which has enabled it to have an uncanny human-like intelligence in understanding the concepts behind sentences. This technology breakthrough...

Identifying targets for acquisition in the industrial automation space Case Study
10 July 2022

Identifying targets for acquisition in the industrial automation space

About the Client: The Client, a European manufacturer of electric motors and fans, asked PreScouter to help them strategically grow their industrial drive technology business unit. Their goal...


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Avalanche Photodiodes
Quantum Systems & Sensors
Internet of Things
High Voltage & High Temperature Materials
Key Value Solid State Drives
CMOS-Photonics Integration
Hardware Rooted Security
Autonomous Driving
Artificial Intelligence
Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography
Automation in Logistics


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