6 Startup Water Management Technologies

6 Startup Water Management Technologies

What technologies and/or companies have emerged in the last few years in water management? The scope of this Intelligence Brief includes areas such as water treatment and water conservation and focuses on startups or other early stage commercialized efforts.

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6 Startup Water Management Technologies

Report Highlights:

Despite significant improvements to water conservation and treatment in the past few decades, water management remains a challenge in economically rich and poor countries alike.

  • Worldwide, 80% of wastewater receives no or limited treatment. This contributes to 1.8 billion people relying on faecally-contaminated water for drinking.
  • Concurrently, over ⅓ of global groundwater sources have entered a “distressed” state, meaning that their consumption exceeds their recharge and they are shrinking. Yet, up to 50% of water is lost in cities due to low quality, aging or inefficient water infrastructure.

In this Intelligence Brief, as seen in the image below, we examine 6 early stage government programs, companies and nonprofits seeking to address these challenges. 

  • The water conservation technologies covered come from Utilis, Infinite Cooling, iWesla and AgriSource Data.
  • The water treatment technologies covered are solutions from AguaClara Reach and GreenBlu.

Water saving technologies infographic

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