Beyond the package: Tackling the plastic problem from within

Beyond the package: Tackling the plastic problem from within

An estimated 40% of plastic products have a service life of less than 1 month, and recycling of plastics has proven to be challenging. Implementing a combination of interventions using known technologies and approaches can reduce virgin plastic production by 55% by 2040. In this Intelligence Brief, we explore innovative technologies and case studies for replacing two commonly used plastics – ABS and PVC – based on 5 sustainable pathways.

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Beyond the package: Tackling the plastic problem from within

Plastic pollution is currently one of most discussed environmental issues worldwide. Two of the main concerns about plastics today are that none of the commonly used plastics are biodegradable and that materials and product design principles sometimes lack a feasible plan for recovery and treatment based upon existing systems.

Large volumes of plastic waste are generated due to the short lifespan of many plastic products such as single-use plastic packaging. Looking beyond packaging, plastic challenges also need to be addressed in different consumer goods where plastic is the product itself.

As part of a circular and sustainable economy vision, there has been recently a growing demand to transition toward more environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes. Thus, incorporating sustainability principles into product value and supply chains improves environmental and social performance, which consequently may represent significant competitive advantages.

Included in this Intelligence Brief:

  • Discussion of the various problems the world is facing concerning plastic waste
  • 5 potential pathways for sustainable plastics
  • A look at ABS and PVC plastics and the specific challenges associated with them
  • 7 case studies highlighting key initiatives from top players
  • 11 sustainable technologies profiling examples from industry players
  • Expert insights from Mahmood Mehrabzadeh, PhD in Polymer Engineering, Specialist in Plastic Recycling

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