Early warning systems: Cellular agriculture as a case study

Early warning systems: Cellular agriculture as a case study

The cultivated meat industry is experiencing an explosion of innovation, with a plethora of emerging players, technical advances and increasing activity from regulators. How can one digest all of the activity in order to understand developments representing significant advances propelling the industry forward? In this Intelligence Brief, we highlight the ability to interrogate data sources using multiple expert interviews in order to identify important, innovative, and disruptive activities that break barriers and drive adoption in this rapidly evolving industry.

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Early warning systems: Cellular agriculture as a case study

An early warning system is an integrated system of monitoring and awareness that enables businesses to take timely actions to reduce the effects of threats in advance and capitalize on growth opportunities. Here, we apply a simplified early warning system for the cellular agriculture industry.

Within the cellular agriculture industry, cultivated meat saw a surge of disclosed investments in 2021, totaling $1.4B, which represented 3.5X in growth compared to 2020. Additionally, the cultivated meat sector also showed a 62% increase in the total number of investors. Considering the sustainability value, compared to conventional meat, cultivated meat could lower energy usage by 7-45%, lower GHG emissions by 78-96%, reduce land requirements up to 99%, and lower water usage by 82-96%.

Cellular Agriculture Product Landscape

The surge of investments and massive sustainability value of cellular agriculture (also known as cultivated meat) has created a fast-paced innovation area with a plethora of emerging players, a flourishing of news-related events, and increased activity from regulators.

Companies who want to stay ahead of the curve must be able to identify the most promising startups and technologies at very early stages and understand the role cultivated meat could play towards their ESG goals.

In this Intelligence Brief, PreScouter used three experts within its Expert Network to review ~30 news articles to determine which represented innovative, disruptive, and/or important developments.

Included in this Intelligence Brief:

  • An overview of how an early warning system works and how it was applied in this Intelligence Brief
  • The top 10 most disruptive, important and innovative events within the cellular agriculture sector
  • Five key findings within the cellular agriculture sector (pressing challenges and promising solutions)

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