Crowdfunding as Voice of the Consumer

Crowdfunding as Voice of the Consumer

The popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has launched over 540,000 projects and resulted in a cumulative $6.29B in pledged funding. Using Kickstarter campaigns as a proxy for the Voice of the Consumer, this Intelligence Brief identifies 3 important consumer trends associated with Wearable & Gadgets and Functional Apparel products as well as showcasing several campaigns validating known macro trends in Cosmetics.

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Crowdfunding as Voice of the Consumer

Generally, brands rely on customer interviews, surveys, and focus groups to identify and understand consumer trends impacting their business. What if there was another layer to supplement and validate the findings from these traditional data sources?

Given the popularity, high number of participants, and level of commitment via investment, Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms can provide a valuable perspective on consumer trends and product preferences associated with those trends.

Here, we provide examples showing how to leverage crowdfunding data to evaluate consumer trends and identify product development opportunities.

Included in this Intelligence Brief:

  • 3 prominent consumer trends identified using Kickstarter campaign data
  • Top 9 Kickstarter campaigns aligning with these consumer trends
  • 7 successful campaigns validating known macro cosmetics trends
  • Profiles of the 6 Wearables & Gadgets campaigns and 3 Functional Fashion Kickstarter campaigns

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