Disruptive Battery Technologies

Disruptive Battery Technologies

What novel battery chemistries and technologies are currently under development that could potentially affect the current shape of the battery market over the next decade? Here, we explore novel chemistries that could potentially disrupt the market in the coming 5-10 years, with Li-ion battery chemistry developments being excluded.

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Disruptive Battery Technologies

Report Highlights:

PreScouter identified the following 10 disruptive battery technologies:

Each technology is analyzed from both an academic research and commercial development perspective. Conclusions about the state of the technology and next steps are inferred from the collected data.

Some insights:

  • Numerous chemistries are being developed to directly counter some of the disadvantages of Li-ion batteries, namely the high cost, and sourcing for the raw materials, as well as degradation of the battery caused by dendrite formation in the solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI).
  • Nanotechnology is unlocking several approaches to improving performance of batteries.
  • Most of these technologies are aiming to reduce the cost of energy storage and point to new opportunities in the energy sector.

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