The Current Status of Graphene Production in 2020

The Current Status of Graphene Production in 2020

Graphene was marked as a “wonder material”, being incredibly strong, light and flexible. It was expected that graphene molecular film would revolutionize research materials, electronic and communications equipment, and a wide-range of industrial activities. In 2015, all suppliers of graphene were small, privately-held companies. Has anything changed since then? What is the status of graphene production today?

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The Current Status of Graphene Production in 2020

The gold rush for graphene production started when the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, for their 2004 discovery of a method to produce near-monolayers of graphene, today known as the “Cellophane-tape” or the “Mechanical exfoliation method”. The method sparked high interest as it enabled scientists to conduct a new generation of research on graphene. Back in 2015, PreScouter examined the graphene space. Today, we looked at what’s changed.

In order to understand the current status of graphene production, PreScouter identified 18 companies that produce or are very close to commercially producing graphene and graphene-based products. PreScouter collected and analyzed the information from the public domain of the companies and their products and processes. Many of these companies are concentrated in Canada, Australia and the UK.

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