Innovation by analogy: Why thinking outside your industry is key

Innovation by analogy: Why thinking outside your industry is key

In this Intelligence Brief, we explore the power of innovation by analogy, bringing together experts from our global network to explore coating alternatives from adjacent industries. The analysis pinpoints potential solutions to address 3 pressing  challenges in the consumer goods and food & beverage sectors.

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Innovation by analogy: Why thinking outside your industry is key

Innovation by analogy involves creatively applying ideas from one field to another, leading to unexpected solutions and new functionalities. This cross-fertilization of ideas can lead to breakthrough innovations as we illustrate in this report.

Here, we asked three seasoned industry experts from the F&B and consumer goods sector: If you had no budget restrictions, what’s one challenge would you love to solve in your industry? 

The three challenges they selected are:

  • Preventing food microbial spoilage: Microbial spoilage poses a significant global sustainability challenge, particularly in the context of fish losses. Over 30% of annual fish production is compromised due to spoilage issues in the food supply chain.
  • Preventing dairy fouling: Fouling of dairy products is a major problem for the industry, requiring periodic and rigorous cleaning-in-place procedures that use chemicals and large amounts of water. It is estimated that fouling accounts for 80% of the production costs of these products. 
  • Finding non-PFAS materials for the ski industry: US skiers and snowboarders use PFAS-containing fluorinated waxes and solvents for equipment maintenance. The ski and snowboard sectors are adopting safety measures, considering non-fluorinated alternatives due to health concerns.

Using innovation by analogy, we uncover innovative and commercially available solutions from aerospace, maritime and healthcare.

Included in this Intelligence Brief:

  • Three of the biggest challenges facing the F&B and Consumer Goods industry
  • How innovation by analogy was applied to find solutions from other industries
  • Expert assessments on the feasibility of each solution

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