Reusable Packaging Solutions: Time To Make The Switch!

Reusable Packaging Solutions: Time To Make The Switch!

Reusable packaging is the future of sustainable packaging, not recyclable or biodegradable packaging, as many may think. In this Intelligence Brief, we detail the different opportunities presented by adopting reusable packaging models and present examples of companies that have established successful reuse models.

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Reusable Packaging Solutions: Time To Make The Switch!

As opposed to conventional or expendable packaging that is usually wasted after their intended single use, returnable or reusable packaging is made with robust materials that can withstand rough handling and be reused multiple times. Though return logistics and added transportation costs have negatively impacted the adoption across all industries, a 2018 Nielsen survey reported 73% of consumers globally are willing to change their consumption habits to embrace sustainable options. According to a 2017 WEF report, the reuse potential within the plastic packaging sector alone is an estimated 20%.

Included in this Intelligence Brief:

  • Examples of different sectors adopting reusable packaging solutions
  • What benefits come with making the shift to reusable
  • The bottlenecks hindering more widespread adoption
  • The main drivers and reuse potential within the packaging sector
  • Five successful and well-established reusable packaging solutions

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