Smart Road Technologies Shaping the  Future of Transportation

Smart Road Technologies Shaping the Future of Transportation

Roadways are constantly in flux, either through repairs and construction or continual improvements. With recent developments in smart technologies, companies and research groups alike have been hard at work devising ways to make the roads safer and more driver-friendly, and enable the use of developments coming from the automotive sector. This Intelligence Brief discusses a wide variety of these technologies and how they will continue to be developed in the near future.

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Smart Road Technologies Shaping the  Future of Transportation

Report Highlights:

Key driving trends:

  • Electrification Infrastructure Improvements
  • Safety and Improved User Experience
  • Renewable Energy Generation

The different smart road technologies detailed:

  • With large pushes toward electrification across the automotive sector, smart roads are striving to accommodate and enable widespread adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Perhaps the most significant driving factor for smart road technologies is increasing driver and passenger safety while also improving the user experience. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications have yielded driver alerts and road monitoring technologies to aid in safe driving.
  • New technologies are also improving more rudimentary road issues.
  • Utilizing roads for energy generation along with transport, could bring renewable energy to vast portions of the world’s population.
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