Startups Developing Nanocellulose Products in 2020

Startups Developing Nanocellulose Products in 2020

Nanocellulose with a wide range of properties and sustainable in origin has been considered as a prefered choice of material for applications ranging from paper, adhesives, electronics, health and personal care products. In this Intelligence Brief, we examine the key startups inching the application of various nanocellulose towards successful commercialization through medium to large scale manufacturing.

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Startups Developing Nanocellulose Products in 2020

The global nanocellulose market is valued at USD 297 million and expected to grow to USD 783 million by 2025 at a record CAGR of 21.3%. The drive for sustainability is hijacking the demand for nanocellulose with significant funding from government and private sectors for research and development activities within the field. 

Nanocellulose applications are driven by demand in the pulp & paper, cement, composites & plastics, pharmaceutical, healthcare, personal care and electronics sectors. The biggest demand for nanocellulose comes from pulp and paper industry

PreScouter investigated the space of the nanocellulose market in order to gain an understanding of the current state of new startups and medium sized companies driving the applications and business of nanocellulose.

In this report, we provide a detailed review of 10 startups from North America, Europe and Asia as examples of leading firms in the nanocellulose space. The companies are categorized according to the morphology and source of their nanocellulose as follows: Nanocrystalline cellulose, nano/micro-fibrillated cellulose, and bacterial cellulose.

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