Menopause: The $600 billion opportunity in femtech

Menopause: The $600 billion opportunity in femtech

Femtech startups are booming, but surprisingly, only 7% focus on menopause. This Intelligence Brief delves into the vast market opportunity, highlighting the untapped potential in the menopause sector. It underscores the critical need for more involvement and investment from femtech and also highlights the opportunities for consumer goods companies in product innovation.

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Menopause: The $600 billion opportunity in femtech

The menopause market represents a significant opportunity for consumer goods companies. Currently valued at $600 billion, it’s expected to impact 1.2 billion women by 2030, yet it’s vastly underserved with only 7% of femtech companies addressing menopause care, primarily due to underfunding.

The sector struggles with disjointed solutions for its 34 identified symptoms and insufficient marketing efforts. There’s a clear market gap that presents a chance for innovation, especially in materials and apparel designed for symptom relief. A strategic move for businesses looking to enter this space would be to focus on patent acquisition, which is key to securing funding, protecting IP, and driving innovation in menopause care.

Femtech’s current participation in the menopause sector is limited, with underfunding as a major barrier. This creates a market gap in symptom management and education for menopausal women.

Opportunities for consumer goods companies to fill this gap are evident, especially in product innovation targeted at menopause symptoms. Start-up investments are proving crucial, not just for financial support but also for fostering innovation within larger companies.

For new entrants in the menopause market, focusing on intellectual property through patent acquisitions is a strategic move, essential for securing market presence and stimulating sector growth.

In this Intelligence Brief, we will explore:

  • An overview of the femtech and menopause market
  • Addressing potential challenges within the menopause market
  • White space and patent landscape analysis
  • Startup investments’ impact on big company revenues
  • Key expert insights from Brittany Barreto, PhD, president and founder of FemHealth Insights

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