LabCorp Launches New COVID-19 Clinical Trial Site

LabCorp Launches New COVID-19 Clinical Trial Site

June 1, 2020: LabCorp (NYSE: LH), a leading global life sciences company that is deeply integrated in guiding patient care, today announced that Covance, its drug development business, has created COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect in the U.S., a site designed to help people access information about how to participate in COVID-19 research.

“Through COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect, our goal is to link people interested in these clinical trials with sponsors so that together we may find solutions for this global pandemic,” said Michael Brooks, president, Clinical Development and Commercialization Solutions, Covance. “There are currently hundreds of COVID-19-related clinical trials underway or planned to begin in the near future, and we recognize that many patients may not know how to go about finding information about a clinical trial. With our COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect, we’re helping bridge the gap. We are thrilled to have the capability to directly engage with patients who would not otherwise be aware of ongoing trials and give them the opportunity to consider participation, especially at this time.”

The COVID-19 clinical trial opportunities are diverse, with sponsors recruiting patients who currently have COVID-19, those who may be now recovered, and those who may have been exposed to coronavirus. Through the Covance COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect site, prospective patients would be notified of studies run by Covance on behalf of a biopharmaceutical company, as well as those listed in

“People who choose to participate in a clinical trial are true medical heroes,” Brooks said. “It is only through well-designed clinical research that we will find effective treatments and vaccines against COVID-19.”

People visiting the Covance COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect will be invited to opt-in to register their details. This information will be used to connect people with suitable clinical studies in their area. If a study is unavailable in their area at this time, prospective participants will have the option to be contacted when one becomes available.

Via LabCorp

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