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Automotive lightweighting: Strategies for improving fuel efficiency

The automotive industry has been reinventing itself to become more and more sustainable, starting with automotive lightweighting: the replacement of metal parts with lighter materials...
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Are fuel cell electric cars better than battery electric cars?

– In the absence of an infrastructure to support FCEVs, BEVs are the more favorable option...
Case Study

Evaluating a potential investment opportunity in an energy storage system platform company

– About the Client: The Client was a major manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules that runs...
Case Study

Identifying technologies for reducing the mining sector’s GHG emissions

– About the Client: The Client, a mining industry support group, came to PreScouter for help...
Case Study

Value chain analysis of maritime shipping strategies to reduce CO2 emissions

– About the Client: The Client, a global resource extraction company, engaged PreScouter in this Research...


Sample Briefing

Hydrogen-Based Energy Adoption in Aviation

– Hydrogen-based energy is the generation of energy that uses hydrogen and hydrogen-rich fuels in fuel...
Sample Briefing

Achieving Greenhouse Gas Goals: How Organizations Can Measure and Reduce Carbon Emissions

– Climate change is the biggest existential challenge of our times that can potentially disrupt business...
Sample Briefing

Achieving Greenhouse Gas Goals: Metal Industry Strategies For A Low-Carbon Future

– Included in this report: What are the drivers and political framework pushing steel manufacturing companies...
Sample Briefing

Renewable Energies: The Place To Go

– COVID-19 has impacted all industries and renewable energy is no exception. The present document aims...
Sample Briefing

COVID-19 & Natural Resources: How To Continue Operations Safely

– The natural resources sector has been significantly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic due to closures...
Sample Briefing

How Can Workplaces Offer COVID-19 Testing?

– In this report, we detail all of the currently available COVID-19 workplace testing options, detailing...
Sample Briefing

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– In this report, we’ll cover what companies can do sustain, and even grow, in this...

State of the Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Battery Market 2019-2030

– Report Highlights: Advancements in battery technology and the electrification of the automobile have contributed enormously...
Sample Briefing

6 Startup Water Management Technologies

– What technologies and/or companies have emerged in the last few years in water management? The...
Sample Briefing

Smart Road Technologies Shaping the Future of Transportation

– Report Highlights: Key driving trends: Electrification Infrastructure Improvements Safety and Improved User Experience Renewable Energy...

Synthetic biology: The future of food, pharmaceuticals, fuel and chemicals

– The field of synthetic biology is rapidly developing. Its aims are no less than engineering...



Urban Greening to Fight Climate Change

– The greening of grey surfaces can deliver multiple benefits, such as the mitigation of urban...
Case Study

Helping a UK-based Company Reposition in Western Canada to Unlock New Market Opportunities

– About the Client: The Client is a leading engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm who...
Case Study

Identifying Technologies to Convert CO2 into Liquid Fuels

– About the Client: The Client is a large energy company that develops, constructs, and operates...
Case Study

Identifying Digital Infrastructure for the Upstream Operations of a Global O&G Company

– About the Client: The client is a leading global multinational company with an extensive portfolio...
White Paper

Hydropower: The Next Frontier

– Hydropower is shifting from a flexible source of energy covering peak loads in a fossil...
White Paper

Additive Manufacturing in Energy Production

– The energy and natural resources industries have not been at the forefront of additive manufacturing...
Case Study

Electrification Trends in Mobile Machinery

– About the Client: The Client is a Fortune 500 company and a world leader in...

Green seems to be the new black with today’s companies

– Going green would appear to be the trend among today’s companies all over the world...
White Paper

New tech for old industries: Leveraging renewable energy in surprising places

– In 2017, 70% of net new global power generating capacity came from renewable energy. Renewable...

Components of a Hybrid Nuclear-Renewable Energy System

– Hybrid nuclear-renewable energy may play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas pollution, along with...

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Urban greening to fight climate change within the Green New Deal context

– The Green New Deal is an international proposal that lays out a grand plan for...

Adoption of smart technologies toward increased water quality

– Water treatment is required for applications ranging from human consumption to industrial operations and is...

The new revolution of hydropower digitalization

– Hydropower is the world’s most mature and ancient renewable energy source, producing 1300 GW of...

Why is green hydrogen the fuel of the present?

– Green hydrogen has been receiving a lot of interest, especially in the past few years....

Water supply and treatment amid the pandemic

– Currently, with the world facing the global pandemic situation of COVID-19, various organizations like KWR...

Current and upcoming innovations in solar cell technologies

– Solar energy, the third-largest renewable energy source after hydropower and wind, has emerged as a...

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