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Rapid prototyping: From proof of concept to accurate design

Since its emergence in the late 1980s, rapid prototyping technology has sparked a paradigm shift in product development, fundamentally revolutionizing how businesses invent, manufacture, and...
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Exploring CPG Marketing Analysis in Oral Care

– In today’s digital marketing landscape, staying ahead of the competition isn’t just advantageous; it’s imperative....
Case Study

Consultations on digital solutions for agriculture commodity trading

– About the Client: The Client, a technology consulting company, was looking to develop best practices...
Sample Briefing

How Can Workplaces Offer COVID-19 Testing?

– In this report, we detail all of the currently available COVID-19 workplace testing options, detailing...
Sample Briefing

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– In this report, we’ll cover what companies can do sustain, and even grow, in this...



AI and Industry: How Machine Learning Is Impacting Industries

– In this Disruptors report, PreScouter investigated 5 machine learning algorithms and how they are impacting...
White Paper

Cryptocurrencies: The next disruptor of the fintech industry

– Today’s major cryptocurrencies have finally entered the mainstream. Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and many others are...

Case Studies

Case Study

Identifying “Unicorn” Investment Opportunities in the Mobility Sector

– About the client: The Client’s organization is a major insurance service provider in Europe. The...
Case Study

Evaluating Longevity Risk

– The following is a case study of the work that was carried out by PreScouter...
Case Study

Late-Stage Technologies that Minimize Financial Risk

– The following is a case study of the work that was carried out by PreScouter...

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What are the disadvantages of cryptocurrencies?

– Much time has been spent lauding blockchain and cryptocurrencies in this series.  However, cryptocurrencies suffer...

Open Innovation: Definition and Future Trends

– In today’s digitized world, information is spread vastly across the web. Due to the quantity...

Smoke signals: Tobacco industry in transition

– As British American Tobacco (BAT) unveiled its plans to bring its upgraded tobacco heating product...

Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

– To the average person, artificial intelligence (AI) is more science fiction than science fact. While...

Will Bitcoin be the world’s single currency in 10 years?

– Bitcoin burst into the media spotlight with soaring valuations in late 2017. Not only was...

How insurtech startups are challenging the legacy players

– Millennials have become strangers to insurance. A 2017 Insurance Barometer Study found that only 52%...

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