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Finding New Markets for a $2B Aerospace and Defense Company’s Technology

The Client is a $2 billion aerospace & defense company that had developed an advanced training and simulation technology used across the A&D field. The...
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Animal-free testing in drug and vaccine development: Benefits and incentives

– The global SARS-CoV2 pandemic is generating a powerful need for drug and vaccine development, and...

Advances in Chronic Pain Management

– What is chronic pain? Painful sensations that persist for over 3 to 6 months, and...

What are the recent drug & therapy developments for autoimmune diseases?

– Our immune system guards us against pathogenic invaders and foreign cells. On rare occasions, however,...

Hydrogels: Emerging materials and novel applications

– Hydrogels, a class of polymeric materials that can absorb and retain large amounts of liquid...


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How Can Workplaces Offer COVID-19 Testing?

– In this report, we detail all of the currently available COVID-19 workplace testing options, detailing...
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When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

– In this report, we’ll cover what companies can do sustain, and even grow, in this...
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Manufacturing challenges of critical COVID-19 medical equipment and how the industry is responding

– The COVID-19 pandemic has very clearly shown that most of the world is lagging in...
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COVID-19: How R&D Responded & What We Learned for Future Outbreaks

– As there is no approved treatment for COVID-19, the current standard of treatment has been...
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COVID-19: Current Response

– In this Intelligence Brief, Prescouter discusses the epidemiology, current standards for treatment, diagnostics, and prevention...
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How Is Personalized Medicine Being Applied and Adopted by Industry?

– The industry has long recognized the promise of personalized medicine, with many new entrants in...
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Blockchain in Healthcare & Life Sciences

– PreScouter reviews three broad areas of blockchain deployment, at various stages of maturity in the...

The Impact of Advancements in Biotechnology on the Treatment of Disease and Aging

– With the biotechnology sector expected to reach nearly 727B USD by 2025 and with enormous...
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What are the applications of artificial intelligence in drug discovery & development?

– The question that PreScouter addresses in this intelligence brief is: what are the applications of...
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What companies are offering commercially available solutions in the smart packaging domain?

– Report Highlights: PreScouter identified 11 companies that are already offering commercially available solutions for smart...
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Can we control machines with only our minds?

– What if we didn’t have to physically intervene between our thoughts and a machine’s action?...
Case Study

Next-Gen Infection Control Technologies

– The following is a case study report of the work that was carried out by...

Synthetic biology: The future of food, pharmaceuticals, fuel and chemicals

– The field of synthetic biology is rapidly developing. Its aims are no less than engineering...

The Internet of Things: State of technology report

– In this report, we explored the Internet of Things (IoT), and its impact on four...

9 disruptive technologies changing the world

– In the past 25 years, modern society has undergone a number of significant changes due...



Season 1, Episode 2 – Mobile-Angel

– In this episode, we’ll take a closer look at how a truly democratic organization can...
White Paper

Personalized Medicine: Moving from Average to Personal

– We present here a handful of examples from some recent advances that showcase how personalized...

PreScouter Case Study

– In this case study, we helped a Fortune 500 client in the pharmaceutical industry improve...

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Home medical devices: Security and regulations

– Modern technology has brought about an evolution in medical devices, making them smaller, more accurate,...

3D printed drugs between emerging innovations and current challenges

– 3D-printed medicines, developed through the layer-by-layer addition of material, are becoming increasingly attractive alternatives to conventionally manufactured...

Latest updates on telemedicine: Exactly what the COVID-19 pandemic needs

– The current outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome...

Nanomedicine – Using smart nanoparticles for better drug delivery

– Nanoparticles are poorly delivered Nanoparticles have steadily been making their way into bio-medicine or nanomedicine...

As clocks “spring forward”, how will this affect your health and daily routine?

– Daylight saving time (DST), also referred to as summer time, is the practice of setting the...

Biopharma and the rapidly evolving landscape of cell and gene therapies

– Cell and gene therapies are certainly not new but have seen a serious shift in...

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