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With plastic being used as a key material in various industries, we are truly living in the “plastic age”. Packaging is the largest plastics application market segment, with roughly one third of total plastics processing finding its way into the packaging sector. The packaging industry intersects and plays an important role in nearly all other industries. Key trends in packaging industry include various modes of cost reduction, regulatory and environmental improvements and increased consumer orientation. Innovations – both incremental and disruptive are changing the plastics & packaging industry. Understanding how to leverage these innovations is critical to any company’s ability to remain competitive.

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The latest innovations in personalized food technologies Article
25 June 2019

The latest innovations in personalized food technologies

In line with the increasing industrial shift from mass production to mass personalization, technologies such as home testing kits and wearable fitness trackers are providing new levels of...

Personalized Packaging Technologies Sample Briefing
14 June 2019

Personalized Packaging Technologies

Report Highlights: For the modern consumer, the shopping experience is becoming much more than simply acquiring a product — people are looking for a way to connect with...

How taxes and bans are fueling innovation Article
18 February 2019

How taxes and bans are fueling innovation

Government regulations such as taxes and bans are generally intended to improve standards of living and reduce environmental damage. These regulations can have a powerful effect on the...


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