How to operate workplaces safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

New report provides detailed guidelines, strategies and recommendations to keep manufacturing processes working during the pandemic

05 May 2020

Chicago, IL: PreScouter, a Chicago-based research intelligence firm has released a detailed report centered around how manufacturers can operate workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdowns begin to ease and economies start to reopen, PreScouter sees this report as a useful resource for manufacturers to safely operate workplaces during and after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, based on CDC and FDA recommendations.

Dr. Naveen Jason, co-author of the report, sees that it is paramount that businesses and employers are always abreast with the evolving CDC and FDA guidelines to prevent the rise of new infections.This applies to a wide range of manufacturing facilities, but more particularly to agricultural produce and meat processing facilities. These are essential industries and services which are responsible for feeding the nation, and they must be kept running. There have already been instances of COVID-19 cases emerging in meat processing plants plus studies that suggest that the coronavirus family of viruses can survive on frozen surfaces, such as on frozen food packages for up to 28 days. Therefore, measures such as social distancing, PPE, hand washing etiquette, contact tracing etc. must be implemented to the highest standards possible.” adds Dr. Jason.

The report covers guidelines and best practices from the CDC and FDA on how to reduce transmission among employees and how to maintain a healthy work environment. The report also includes strategies, recommendations & resources to help readers understand the needs of their business, identify specific industry hazards, learn more about available support and the impact on different industries.

“Due to our expertise at PreScouter of aggregating and analyzing disparate sources of data, we felt we could leverage our resources to prepare a useful reference tool for our manufacturing clients in decision-making positions,” comments Dr. Daniel Morales, co-author and Technical Director of PreScouter’s CPG practice. Our goal is to provide clear and direct best practice measures according to CDC and FDA guidelines to help ensure the safety of employees and their loved ones, adds Dr. Morales.

“This pandemic underscores how important it is to protect employees for businesses to survive and thrive,” concludes Dr. Liz Palmer, co-author and Food Safety and Quality Expert. And this report provides just that – how to keep businesses open and running even if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.

About PreScouter, Inc.: PreScouter provides research support services to help business leaders make better R&D, product development and corporate development decisions. PreScouter’s custom-selected teams of Advanced Degree Researchers and Subject Matter Experts connect business leaders with new markets, commercializable technologies, industry-impacting startups, and other actionable data. PreScouter’s growing list of 500+ clients includes GE Healthcare, Coca Cola, BAE Systems, Whirlpool, and Volvo.

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