Extending The Shelf Life Of Food & Beverages

Extending The Shelf Life Of Food & Beverages

Every year, approximately 1.3 billion tons of food is lost or wasted globally at a cost of nearly $1 trillion. Towards reducing food waste across the supply chain, we highlight some of the newest and most promising technologies in development to prolong the shelf life of various foods and beverages.

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Extending The Shelf Life Of Food & Beverages

In the past few years, we’ve noted a number of approaches aimed at shelf-life extension, with produce and animal proteins being among the top two targets. One major trend seen here throughout the research is a move toward more food- and plant-based additives and packaging, a “natural” approach as it comes across to consumers.

However, with the rise of more plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, researchers have started looking at ways to extend the shelf life of such products. Chinova Bioworks, for example, is tackling the challenge of not only extending the shelf life of plant-based dairy alternatives, but also preserving its probiotic counts.

From superior coating materials to novel additives to putting a new spin on older technologies, presented here is a detailed look at 21 innovative solutions focused on extending the shelf life of food and beverages.

Included in this report:

  • 9 novel packaging solutions for extending shelf life
  • 5 next-generation additives for extending shelf life
  • 7 food treatment methods for extending shelf life

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