Tag: Alternative Energy


Fusion ignition achieved ushering a new era of clean energy

– Nuclear fusion is a process in which atomic nuclei fuse together, which results in the...

The Air Wheel: A New Take on an Old Energy Source

– The production and storage of renewable energy sources has been studied extensively in the past...

Natural Resources Roundup for February 2017

– PreScouter is dedicated to keeping your company up to date on emerging technologies. That’s why...

Hydrodynamic Screws: From Archimedes to Electricity

– Birth of the Hydrodynamic Screw The Hydrodynamic Screw is one of the oldest hydraulic machines...

How a Transparent Window Coating can Harvest Solar Energy

– MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, MICHIGAN, USA. The sunlight coming through your window as you read this...

Extracting Gas From Any Plant : Alternative Way Of Hydrogen Fuel Production

– VIRGINIA TECH, VIRGINIA, USA. The development of a hydrogen fuel that is produced by extracting...

Fuel From Sunlight Comes From Engineered Bacteria

– UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS, CALIFORNIA, USA. Right now, the chemical industry is aiming to replace...

Stanford Engineers Create World’s First Solar Cell Stickers

– STANFORD UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA, USA. Engineers have successfully created flexible and lightweight solar cells which may...

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