Tag: antibiotic resistance


Chelated silver: An antibiotic with no signs of bacteria resistance

– PreScouter interviewed Dr. Odell Miner, president and founder of LaSal Laboratories, to learn about his...

Pop that pill: A new generation of antibiotics promises a healthier future

– The world is rapidly running out of effective antibiotics. For decades, we have relied on...

IV cocktail of vitamin C, thiamine & steroids as a potential new cure for sepsis

– The global sepsis infection rate is estimated at 15 to 19 million cases per year,...

The Lego Game Of Macrolide Antibiotics

– What Are Semisynthetic Antibiotics? Since Alexander Fleming first discovered penicillin in his small laboratory at...

A New Antibiotic Kills Bacteria Without Resistance

– by: Giulia Pacchioni, PreScouter Global Scholar One of the big worries of the modern world...
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