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How is gut microbiome analysis driving personalized nutrition?

– Gut microbiome analysis is revolutionizing the field of personalized nutrition, offering tailored dietary approaches based...

Pop that pill: A new generation of antibiotics promises a healthier future

– The world is rapidly running out of effective antibiotics. For decades, we have relied on...

Will this be the next generation of antimicrobials?

– Antabio, a French biopharmaceutical company, is developing novel technologies to combat antibiotic resistance and address...

How can phage therapy serve as a potential alternative to antibiotic treatment?

– In this article, we address the potential use of bacteriophages as a therapeutic alternative to...

Antibiotics 2.0: Strategies to Defeat The Priority Pathogens

– Antibiotics are an essential pillar of modern medicine. However, after almost 90 years of deployment...

The Lego Game Of Macrolide Antibiotics

– What Are Semisynthetic Antibiotics? Since Alexander Fleming first discovered penicillin in his small laboratory at...

Uncovering Honey’s Antimicrobial Potential Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria

– Following their discovery in 1928 and since world war two in particular, antibiotics have been...

A New Antibiotic Kills Bacteria Without Resistance

– by: Giulia Pacchioni, PreScouter Global Scholar One of the big worries of the modern world...

New Antibiotics Prevent Hearing Loss

– By: Ayanna Flegler, PreScouter Global Scholar Bacterial infections remain a constant threat to human health....

Cockroaches Offer New Antibiotics For Stronger Diseases

– UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, NOTTINGHAM, UK. Scientists have recently discovered that the insect world is full...

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