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What are the latest automotive cybersecurity trends?

– Despite OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) implementing advanced IT cybersecurity measures intrinsically, 2022 saw a 380%...

Why is green hydrogen the fuel of the present?

– Green hydrogen has been receiving a lot of interest, especially in the past few years....

Covid-19: Impacts & sufferings in the global auto industry

– Experts and analysts say the coronavirus pandemic has crippled the global economy worse than the...

What emerging material innovations could make vehicles lighter?

– In our first article, we covered the current applications of alternate lightweight materials in the...

Automotive lightweight materials: The age of the composite

– The automotive industry is going through an important development phase to address major issues concerning...

Open Innovation in Automotive: The Cadillac Paradox

– In 2014, the automotive industry was abuzz with talk about Cadillac. For years, the brand...

How will 5G impact different industries?

– A little something about the Gs: We are living in a decade where wireless technologies...

First Mind-Controlled Vehicle Developed in China

– NANKAI UNIVERSITY, TIANJIN, CHINA. The world’s first mind-controlled vehicle was developed in China that does...

Intelligent Steering Wheel Tells You To Go Left Or Right

– UNIVERSITY OF RENO, NEVADA, USA. A new type of vibrating steering wheel has been developed...

Intelligent Health Monitoring Systems In Your Car

– UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA, USA. Researchers are currently working on a system that will...

ThermaVision: Low-Cost Night Vision For The Masses

– TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, GERMANY. Whereas current technologies are costly because they require micro-channel plates...

Artificial Fingerprint For Trademark Protection

– UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH, BAYREUTH, GERMANY. It is a trademark label that is used to avoid...

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