Tag: Biodegradable Materials


These companies are revolutionizing the applications of nanocellulose across industries

– Cellulose is the most abundant sustainable and renewable biopolymer on Earth, found in plants, algae,...

What biodegradable material possesses the hardness of conventional plastic?

– The majority of biodegradable materials on the market today are being based on cellulose, a...

Challenges of Using Nanomaterials in Packaging

– Due to Nanomaterials’ range of advanced properties, they are being incorporated by the packaging industry...

Biodegradable Baby Diapers: Current Market and Future Development

– Many baby diapers are not biodegradable and could take hundreds of years to degrade. While...

For a Greener Future: Biodegradable Packaging Materials

– Synthetic polymers have long been the foundation of packaging materials. However, because synthetic polymers are...

Creating Biodegradable Transistors From Human Body Proteins

– TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY, TEL AVIV, ISRAEL. Protein-based transistors that are made from milk, mucus proteins...
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