Tag: Biomedical Engineering


How is gut microbiome analysis driving personalized nutrition?

– Gut microbiome analysis is revolutionizing the field of personalized nutrition, offering tailored dietary approaches based...

Nanocellulose: Nano in size, tremendous in strength and endless in applications

– This article is one of two articles that will cover the potential applications of nanocellulose...

Innovative Sunblock Doesn’t Penetrate Skin, Eliminating Serious Health Concerns

– YALE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, YALE UNIVERSITY IN CONNECTICUT, USA. A new sunblock made from bioadhesive...

Repairing a Damaged, Beating Heart with Glue

– HARVARD UNIVERSITY, MA, USA. An intricate surgical device that delivers glue to internal organs through...

Navigating Sensitive Soft Tissues Using Robotically Steered Flexible Needles

– UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE, ENSCHEDE, NETHERLANDS. Robotically steering flexible needles have been produced to reach tissues...

Skin Patch Tells You When You’ve Had Too Much Sun

– MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY, MICHIGAN, USA. Sunburn is the result of being exposed under the sun...

Breadth Of A Human Hair Equals The World’s Thinnest Endoscope

– STANFORD UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA, USA. An endoscope that has a width of a human hair has...

HemoSep: Collects, Separates And Transfuses The Patient’s Own Blood

– UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE, GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM. HemoSep is a device that aids in the reduction...

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