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Tokyo Summer Olympics: What are the hottest tech innovations?

– The Covid-delayed 2020 Summer Olympics are finally underway in Tokyo; and thanks to Olympics technology...

What Technologies Are Redefining Shopping this Holiday Season?

– The majority of us will incorporate our computers and mobile devices in the way we...

Paradigm Shift in FinTech Funding: From VCs to Established Firms

– Venture capitalists (VCs) identify emerging industries in the early stages and invest in their potential....

Coupling IoT and Machine Learning: A Golden Opportunity for the Financial Sector

– Machine learning was developed as part of a multi-industry push for artificial intelligence (AI) driven...

What Future Car Technologies Will Make Roads Safe?

– There’s a lot changing in the automotive industry. Most surprisingly, having a driver’s license won’t...

Eye Movements For The New Biometric System

– TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY, TEXAS, USA. Researchers are currently working on a system that tracks the...

New Gait Technology As A Biometric System

– TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, MUNICH, GERMANY. A breakthrough in gait analysis or in the study...

Cryptographic Neuroscience: A Game Of Hidden Passwords In Your Mind

– STANDFORD UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA, USA. A game has been developed recently to store intricate information such...

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