Tag: biomimicry


The latest in biomimicry and hydrogel innovations

– Biomimicry encompasses the study of nature and natural phenomena to understand their underlying mechanisms and...

MIT Develops New Technique to Desalinate Sea Water via Shock Electrodialysis

– MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MA, USA. A new technique known as shock electrodialysis has been...

Blood Is The Self-Healing Material Of The Future

– MASSACHUSETTS INSITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MASSACHUSETTS, USA. Scientists have recently discovered how blood clots form and...

Weatherproof Butterfly Wings-Inspired Solar Panel Coatings

– UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA. Water-resistant solar panel coatings have been recently developed by an...

Leaf-Inspired Solar Panels Make a Huge Increase in Power Generation

– PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, NEW JERSEY, USA: Researchers from Princeton University have achieved a 47 percent increase in...

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