Tag: Biopharmaceutical companies


Pharmaceutical R&D global spending trends in 2019

– The pharmaceutical industry’s activities have significant socio-economic impacts on society in the form of investments...

Artificial Intelligence Meets Drug Development

– Pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to capitalize on Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI refers to the...

3D Printing in Healthcare

– 3D printing has generated huge interest in recent years. The most well-known uses are  in...

How Private and Public Health Sectors Can Work Together

– For many years, the objectives between pharmaceuticals and public health sectors have not been aligned....

How to Treat Depression: Beyond Conventional Antidepressants

– Depression is a disorder with numerous medicinal remedies that either don’t work or result in...

Transforming Healthcare: The Era of Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

– Recently, there has been a rapid rise in the research, development, and marketing of monoclonal...

Retest Failure: Irreproducibility in Research Provides Opportunities to Biotech Startup Companies for Contracted Revalidation Services

– Science is robust and, in the field of life sciences research, robustness means reproducibility. It...

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