Tag: Breast Cancer


Breast cancer research in 2022: Ten breakthroughs in detection and treatment

– Despite numerous efforts, breast cancer continues to represent a significant burden on society. In 2021,...

The applications of digital oncology in breast cancer prediction, diagnosis, and treatment

– About 12% of American women will develop breast cancer in their lifetimes. With a death...

Recent advances in the battle against breast cancer

– Research in various disciplines is moving forward our knowledge of breast cancer treatment, diagnosis, and...

Medical Research Reveals New and Better Options For Breast Cancer Treatment

– Just as breast cancer is a common malignancy these days, extensive research in this domain...

Scientists Find Possible Cause Of Different Types Of Breast Cancer

– CAMBRIDGE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, CAMBRIDGE, UK. The Breast Cancer Research has recently published that researchers have...

Breast Tumor Detection Through Wearable Antenna

– INDIANA UNIVERSITY – PURDUE UNIVERSITY, INDIANA, USA. A wearable and flexible antenna that serves as...
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