Tag: Business Growth


What Is Lean Construction and Why Should You Care?

– The construction industry in America is in crisis. As an industry, it is struggling with...

What is Open Innovation?

– Remember when you were in school and you had study sessions with a group in...

Why Companies Should Collaborate With Academia

– In history, it is evident that progress has always been inextricably bound with scientific leadership....

The Creative Skills Of the Chief Financial Officer

– This article is Part 2 in a four part series on the CFO’s Role in...

Why the Chief Financial Officer Must Lead Organizational Innovation

– My research over the last decades shows organizations have spent substantial sums on building creativity...

4 Easy Tips for Engaging the Crowd

– There are many different ways to take crowd information and turn it into actionable data...

Responsibility of the Imagination in Open Innovation

– Front End Innovation is an annual conference attended by 550 of the most forward-thinking minds...

Is Corporate Social Responsibility the End or the Beginning of a Disruptive Force for Large Corporations?

– Schumpeter’s notion of ’creative destruction denotes how something new replaces the old by allowing for...

Strategic Innovation

– Finding Innovative Solutions to Strategic Challenges. Most companies face three main strategic challenges: How to...

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