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The global technology race: Is China truly ahead of the West?

– The  Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) recently released a report titled “The Global Race for...

The rise of the Chinese aerospace sector

– The remnants of the 20th century Space Race today take  the form of countries aspiring...

Can emotion-detecting helmets increase productivity?

– Chinese companies are using helmets with electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors for their employees, raising both profits...

Methanol – New Uses for an Old Molecule

– Methanol has been used for many decades in a wide variety of industries. New technologies...

FinTech: Focus on China in 2017

– China has quickly become a powerhouse in FinTech, thanks to its strong technological and digital...

Quantum Communication Strong in China

– Last Sunday, Chinese government officials and scientists announced the world’s first ultra-secure quantum encrypted network,...

First Lung Cancer Trials Using CRISPR-Edited T Cells Start in August

– “We are trying to develop a last resort when everything else fails.” Says Lu You,...

First Mind-Controlled Vehicle Developed in China

– NANKAI UNIVERSITY, TIANJIN, CHINA. The world’s first mind-controlled vehicle was developed in China that does...

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