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Innovation is Expensive and Other Myths

– Innovation is equated to the development of new products, technologies, services and business models that...

Three Myths About Innovation Exposed

– Traditionally, innovation was something managers, CEOs, and the general population considered as “coming up with...

The Power of Paradox in Innovation

– To say and to do, which one are you in your organization? And even if...

So How Might a CFO Lead Innovatively?

– This article is Part 4 in a four part series on the CFO’s Role in Innovation...

The Creative Skills Of the Chief Financial Officer

– This article is Part 2 in a four part series on the CFO’s Role in...

Why the Chief Financial Officer Must Lead Organizational Innovation

– My research over the last decades shows organizations have spent substantial sums on building creativity...

The Fear Barrier: Weighing Risk and Reward in Innovation

– Humans do not like change and dislike the disruption it brings. We like to know where...

4 Easy Tips for Engaging the Crowd

– There are many different ways to take crowd information and turn it into actionable data...

Leadership Lessons From Roberta Flack

– It was an unexpected pleasure to be invited to interview Roberta Flack recently, still performing...

The Relevance of Total Design

– In 1970, a forty-year-old engineer left his role as the Chief Designer at the English...

Are You an Elite Leader?

– A simple definition of elite leadership can be hard to pin down, but we all...

Can Prediction Markets Forecast Which Ideas Will Turn Into Successful Innovations?

– Most large organizations have suggestions schemes which involve sharing ideas on an intranet social media...

Innovation and Thinking Beyond the Box

– Whether as small business owners, employers or just workers in general, we’d like to believe...

Bump Your Thinking Into a New World For New Solutions

– A few blocks from the Santa Monica Pier, where Route 66 meets the Pacific, I...

There Is No Innovator’s Handbook

– Business owners and creators alike are in constant search of the next big thing. In...

Systematic Serendipity

– This year, innovation-3 had the opportunity to work with a number of leading firms on...

Why Thinking “Outside the Box” Is Not Very Creative

– I’m not sure who got people to believe that creativity is about “thinking outside the...

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