Tag: Dentistry


A review of dental stem cells – where are we now in regards to clinical trials?

– Please note: PreScouter provides secondary research and is NOT associated with the experiments or getting...

Oral Probiotics: Fighting Bacteria with Bacteria

– UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, FL, USA. Dental researchers at the University of Florida, have discovered a...

Using 3D Printed Teeth for a Bacteria-Free Mouth

– UNIVERSITY OF GRONINGEN, GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS. A team developed an antimicrobial plastic that can be used...

Your Saliva Sample Could Soon Replace Blood Sample

– UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA. Researchers have been working on a study that...

Japanese Scientists Develop Ultrathin Tooth Patch

– KINKI UNIVERSITY, OSAKA, JAPAN. A microscopically thin film (0.004 millimetres) has been recently developed by...

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