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Newborn screening: What advances are unlocking new medical interventions?

– Newborn screening (NBS) originated in the 1960s, when Dr. Robert Guthrie developed a blood test...

Top research breakthroughs of CRISPR in 2020

– 2020 was a big year for CRISPR. Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier shared the Nobel...

CancerSEEK: A single blood test for early detection of eight cancer types

– CancerSEEK is a revolutionary blood test that could detect eight common cancers at relatively early...

Can DNA Solve the Data Storage Problem?

– Mankind is producing more data than ever. Globally, digitally stored data is projected to reach...

Can DNA Methylation Inhibiting Drugs Treat Cancer?

– What Is DNA Methylation? Epigenetics define the heritable regulation of gene expression that is not...

Edited MicroRNAs Boost Gene Silencing Diversity

– Gene expression is a highly complex process that takes place in every cell. Genes, which...

Nutrigenomics: Eat According to your Genes

– Nutrigenomics is the study that deals with the effects of specific nutrients on gene expression....

New Biological Computer Capable Of Controlling Genetic Codes

– TECHNION-ISRAEL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, HAIFA, ISRAEL. Scientists were able to develop and construct an advanced...

Identi-Kit Will Help Identify Face Using DNA Sample

– ERASMUS UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. Researchers are currently working on developing the “Identi-Kit”, a...

Prion Protein Delays The Aging Process In Humans

– UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, SHEFFIELD, UNITED KINGDOM. A new compound called the prion protein has been...

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