Tag: E. Coli


This Breathable Workout Suit Stops Sweat

– One troublesome side-effect of working out is dealing with the sweat and stink that follow....

Antibiotics 2.0: Strategies to Defeat The Priority Pathogens

– Antibiotics are an essential pillar of modern medicine. However, after almost 90 years of deployment...

Berkeley Lab Scientists Brew Jet Fuel in One-Pot Recipe

– JBEI researchers use engineered bacteria to simplify biofuels production, potentially lowering cost. Researchers at the...

Bacterial Biofilms: Promising Platforms to Design Nanomaterials

– Biofilms are communities of bacteria embedded in a slimy yet extremely tough matrix of extracellular...

Petrol-Like Biofuel Produced From Bacteria

– UNIVERSITY OF EXETER, EXETER, UNITED KINGDOM. Using genes from the camphor tree, soil bacteria and...

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