Tag: Energy Efficiency


Fusion ignition achieved ushering a new era of clean energy

– Nuclear fusion is a process in which atomic nuclei fuse together, which results in the...

What are some of the latest waste-to-energy technologies available?

– Introduction: Landfills emit by-products like methane, dioxins and leachate (a toxic liquid that is formed...

The M Turbine: A New Innovation in Hydropower

– Hydraulic turbines for hydropower plants have been used since the nineteenth century. However, new and...

Thermal Imaging: A Cost Effective Solution in Every Home

– Infrared cameras have been used by insulation contractors and energy auditors for more than 30...

Energy Saving Techniques and Renewable Energy

– The endeavor to increase the efficiency of current energy systems and reduce the dependency on...

How a Transparent Window Coating can Harvest Solar Energy

– MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, MICHIGAN, USA. The sunlight coming through your window as you read this...

Wifi “Local Warming” for Personalized Office Climate

– MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, MA, USA. A group of researchers have recently developed a system...

WSU Students Design An Award-Winning Hydrogen Fueling Station

– WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY, WA, USA. A team of students recently presented a plan for an...

New Design For Energy and Carbon-Saving Signal Amplifiers

– UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, BRISTOL UK. The new design for signal amplifiers in the UK might...

Thinnest LED Developed Is Stronger and More Energy-Efficient

– UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, WA, USA. A team of scientists have just created the world’s thinnest-known...

Affordable Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles To Replace India’s Tuk Tuk

– BIRMINGHAM CITY UNIVERSITY, BIRMINGHAM, UK. Researchers have just finished developing the concept and design for...

Light And Heat Spray-On Filter For Smart Glass

– UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, CA, USA. Researchers have just found a new way to make smart...

Stanford Engineers Create World’s First Solar Cell Stickers

– STANFORD UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA, USA. Engineers have successfully created flexible and lightweight solar cells which may...

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