Tag: Food Technology


PreScouter exclusive: Novel sugar replacement touts 80% sugar reduction

– In a press release published on 14 February 2019, Holista CollTech Ltd announced the end...

New Food Contact Materials Currently Molding the Industry

– In the search of new properties for food contact materials, scientists try to meet the...

The Potential of 3D Printing in the Food Industry

– During recent years, 3D printing has been under the spotlight. People are excited and intrigued...

Virtual Reality Kitchen That Helps Novice Cooks

– KYOTO SANGYO UNIVERSITY, KYOTO, JAPAN. A new intelligent kitchen set-up has been recently developed to...

Deboning a Chicken, Robot-Style

– GEORGIA TECH RESEARCH INSTITUTE, USA. Researchers led by Gary McMurray of GTRI’s Food Processing Technology...

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